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Use the subject line, please
« on: July 20, 2006, 11:18:04 pm »
I have just had the very frustrating experience of not getting back to someone on a very important issue because we skipped over the thread until last, as the title did not indicate a time sensitive issue.

I have been moderating this site for over a year, and believe me, every post gets read. But the order in which I read them depends on the time I have available. So if something needs immediate attention, SAY SO!

This rule has been added to the forums. Hopefully, it will have the added bonus of cutting down on the spammy threads as well.

Properly name your threads

Subjects of new threads should be descriptive of the content. Thread titles such as "How do I create a sword?" or "What is my registration status?" are good titles. "Anybody know?" or "soooo" are not. If you really need help with a problem, let the readers know what it is before they click, or the right person might just pass you over. State the problem/ topic in the title.

Please read the rest of the forum rules in the Code of Conduct, stickied in the General Disscusion area. I will assume that you know these, as they have been standing for quite some time, and act accordingly.
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