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Official Kumoricon Forum Code of Conduct
« on: July 16, 2006, 01:42:11 pm »
Code of Conduct for Kumoricon Forums

All Content Must Be All Ages
Our convention is open to all ages, and so are our forums. Remember, the web is anonymous, and not every poster is ready for mature content. No foul language, no adult content.

No Illegal Stuff
Do not do anything illegal. No solicitation, no harassment. If you are not sure if a post is going to get you in trouble, don’t post it.

Properly name your threads
Subjects of new threads should be descriptive of the content. Thread titles such as "How do I create a sword?" or "What is my registration status?" are good titles. "Anybody know?" or "soooo" are not. If you really need help with a problem, let the readers know what it is before they click, or the right person might just pass you over. State the problem/ topic in the title.

No Spamming
Don’t consistently post one word posts, single sentences, or posts that exist only to increase your post count. Spamming makes it very hard to determine if posts are legitimate, or the work of bots or others outside the Kumoricon community who wish to mess with the boards. Not only that, but spamming can quickly lead to thread high jacking or annoyed posters.

No Thread High jacking
Thread high jacking is the act of abruptly leading a thread away from its intended topic. Sometimes, a thread shifts away simply by conversation or interaction between posters. Other times, people blatantly post off topic without any reason. This is considered high jacking, and is highly discouraged. If someone creates a topic, it is respectful to that person to answer their questions, give comments about their statements, and otherwise stick to the topic.

Don’t Bump Dead Threads
Unless you have something new and interesting to contribute to a dead thread, do not post in it.

Keep Your Avatars and Signatures Small
Large avatars and signatures make scrolling through threads very hard. Follow the size guidelines for avatars outlined in your profile, and use common sense in your signatures. If another poster (or a moderator) says your signature is too big, it probably is.

Try to Keep Posts in the Right Place
The forums are grouped by topics. If you start a new thread, try to keep what you are talking about in the right area. This is mostly for your benefit, to make sure as many interested people as possible can view and respond to your thread. If the moderators believe that the post will receive more views in another area, we will move your thread to the appropriate place. If in doubt, post in the general discussion area.

Respect Those Around You
Follow the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you. Or rather, do not do unto others what you would not have done unto you. Do not insult, harass, abuse, or otherwise hurt any of the other posters. Apologize if you posts are taken badly.

Respect you Moderators
Moderators are here to make sure that the rules are followed, so everyone can enjoy the forums. It takes a lot of time and effort and is done by devoted volunteers. The best thing you can do to help on the site is follow the Code of Conduct you are currently reading. If you do not, you can lose privileges, and penalties are entirely at the discretion of the moderators. If you make a mistake, accept the actions of the moderator, or appeal in a private message, so your penalty can be reviewed by the other moderators. Do not repeat the action that caused you to be in trouble with a moderator.

*All statements in the Code of Conduct are at the discretion of the Kumoricon site administrators and moderators, and may be altered at any time.*

Be kind.
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