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« on: April 26, 2006, 02:04:52 pm »
So I read a few webcomics and well am looking for a few more to read so can anybody post one of thier favorites? I like comics that look good and either change daily everyother day or weekly please none that take 3 to 4 weeks for the person to post more.
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« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2006, 05:17:57 pm »
Well it's going to be a little hard to know which ones you read and which ones you haven't.  Could you post what you do usually read?

I usually read:
Applegeeks (usually twice a week unless Hawk and Ananth are really busy)
VG Cats (usually once a week)
And of course Megatokyo

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« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2006, 06:50:04 pm »
Well, offhand, I would certainly recomend Megatokyo and Van Von Hunter (once a week, every sunday).

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« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2006, 07:09:17 pm »
I've always enjoyed Scary Go Round and Rob & Elliot often entertains me.
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« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2006, 07:15:47 am »
the reason i didnt post was one I forget  and two..... well lets just say if you post one I read i know one thng we have in common
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« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2006, 02:08:58 pm »
I've been reading webcomics for the better part of seven years. I've been through more than I can keep track of.

Here's a broad list, since you didn't post any comics that you've read in the past and I have no idea what your preferences are.

I'll list them by age appropriateness and give them a quick review. The ones in red are NC-17 and the ones in green are highly recommended. Got all that? :)


Faux Pas

A comic about two foxes. NOT A FURRY COMIC! It does not have personified animals, but instead draws upon the wild side of nature. The most interesting an acurate portrayal of animals in webcomic form. Follows the ignorant Randy, a fox who's grown up around humans, and a whole barnyard of animals who are his freinds.

I wholeheartedly recomend this read to any and everybody!!

Content: nothin but good old fashioned fun

Rating: *********

Count Your Sheep

This comic is a very sweet, very fun read. It is much akin to Calvin and Hobbes with its heroine being a small girl and her best freind and imaginary sheep named Ship. It has witty humour that adults can appreciate and silly slapstick that never gets old. Arranged in a standard four panel newspaper comic style, its the best of the best. Looking for a prime example of why American comics are still great reads? Look no further, Count Your Sheep is an amazing example.

Content: Very little to no innuendo, no language, no gore, child safe, work safe.

Rating: *****



Drawn by Tiffany Ross, one of the mothers of furry webcomics, Shivae shows her real appreciation for nature. It's not your typical human type bodies covered with fur, this is your full on animals that talk to each other. No perverted storylines (which to be honest, is what the bulk of all furry webcomics are...just perversion). The characters are complex and act like real animals, reacting in a wild and untamed environement. The story follows a small Shivae named Vas who is seperated from his brother and father and needs to learn to fend for himself in the wild, all the while the humans on the world are ever expanding into the forested areas.

Its a captivating read, one of those comics you'll find yourself rereading just for the art.

Content: mild violence involving animals and nature (predators gotta hunt and eat, yo)

Rating: ***


Quite possibly the best fantasy comic you're going to find online, it updates with several pages every week. Drawn by a very faithful artist who never misses her dealine, this one is an amazing adventure. It follows the story of a Da'kor (a race of goatlike people) who set out on an adventure to find an elvin boy who went missing ages ago. Plenty of interesting characters, intrigue, action and romance.

Something for everyone, and the art is great too!

Content: mild violence, suspense and action, mild language

Rating: ****


Cascadia. What can I say? This is my favorite webcomic of all time. It is the absolute comic. It has everything you will ever need in a comic and more. Great characters, crazed villians, believable storylines, captivating romance, tons and tons of action, gorgeous animation....its the best of the best. Want a little of everything? Cascadia is your spot. Garunteed.

Content: violence, character deaths, intense suspense and scary imagry, mild language

Rating: *******

Red String

Okay, here's where the masses go to get their online manga fix. Its a cutesy and predictable storyline, the characters are somewhat simple (they are all based on a have the ice queen, the loner, the spunky girl, etc. You get the idea.)

Its a cute read all about romance and love and choosing your own destiny. Tons of characters for you to obsess over, and everyone who's anyone has thier 'favorite couple' from this series. If you like shoujo manga, its probably the best shoujo manga you're going to find.

Has a little bit of everything, even if its watered down.

Content: nothing much....just intrigue I guess, emotional heartbreak, rumors, backstabbing...stuff like that.

Rating: **

No Rest For The Wicked

NRFTW is an almost hypnotic webcomic. It follows the adventures of a princess who has a curse on her, a demented little red riding hood, a crafty puss in boots, and a mysterious girl with no hands. The moon in thier world has gone missing and now havoc is wreaked upon the land. The band of friends decide the only thing for it is to find where the moon rests and wake her up.

Enchanting artstyle, very unique. A worthwhile read if there ever was one. You encounter such unique takes on your favorite childhood fairytale characters that you'll find yourself begging for more.

Content: some scary imagry, mild violence implied

Rating: ****


Perchance to Dream

Another enchanting little comic. This one has a very unique storyline and you'll get sucked in very quickly. It focuses on a girl named Catherine who falls into a coma. While in the coma she creates an imaginary world for herself to play in. One day, Catherine dies. The comic is about Rin, a girl who is exploring the world that Catherine left behind.

Very involved, and the artwork is so expressive you'll find yourself laughing, gasping, and crying right along with the characters.

Content: some very graphic violence at parts, mild language

Rating: *****


Like cars? Like manga? Like funny gender jokes? This comics got the stuff for you. A very humorous storyline, follows a boy who is turned into a girl when an angel accidentally messes up his past while smoking pot. Another girl enters into the storyline who had two years of her life erased by the same angel. The story is about the three of them and trying to get life back on track. There is a dual storyline though, that follows the three of them while they enter into an underground racing circuit.

All in all, its a good example of what manga can achieve even if it's not drawn in Japan. Funny jokes, cool characters, plenty of action.

Content: Some major fanservice at parts (girls in bras and stuff like that), mild language at parts

Rating: ****


Drawn in traditonal American comic book style, this is the best sci-fi comic on the net today. If you enjoy anything science fiction, wether it be Star Trek, Star Wars, or Ender's Game, you'll be hooked after three strips. A huge archive, hundreds of pages to read. This one has been going strong for years and has built a very devoted fanbase becuase of it's excellent content.

Follows the story of a small alien named Terinu who has a huge attitude, his human companions (a brainiac lady with a sharp wit and a her big cousin who's got the macho attitude), and an ace pilot who looks like a fox and hides his mysterious past.

Content: violence, language, kissing and stuff but no real inappropriate situations

Rating: ******


Charby the Vampirate

Did you ever read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and think "Wow...this is so weird...but I just can't put it down"? Well if so, have I got the best webcomic for you!

This started before JtHM did, but it has a very similar style to it. Interesting characters and lots of them, it's your typical goth comic with a not so typical feel. The characters actually react like people and the storyline actually makes you want to read on. The author avoids horrible cliches and stupid stereotypes, but the comic is still delightfully dark and horribly scary at times.

Content: EXTREME violence and animated gore, language implied but it is always censored with "*&#$%" symbols, mild sexual situations

Rating: *****


Be forewarned, this comic has nudity and graphic situations at parts. It is a very good read, though, one I would recomend to any consenting adult.

The characters in this comic are so vibrant and complex, and I often find myself going to the archives and rereading the old comics over and over again.

The artists style is very animeish, but it is not a very "manga" type comic in any other sense.

If you start reading the comic, make sure to start here. The author has completed the old storyline and so he has retired it to the archive. He is now on a more current storyline, but I recommend reading the old one first to get yourself accquainted with all of the characters.

Content: graphic sexual situations, animated violence, language

Rating: NC-17 ******

Demonology 101

This one is a very good read, and its very far into the storyline. Kind of like the spiritual world meets good spy novel. If you ever saw anything like Witch Hunter Robin and liked it, you'll undoubtably fall head over heels for this comic.

One of my favorite things about this comic is that the characters actually grow with time. Not just in the sense that they get more complex, but they age as the years go by.

Very very very very very good read, one I highly recommend.

Content: deals with spiritual battles, language, animated violence

Rating: ******


Strong Bad E-mail: Send Strong Bad an e-mail and he answers you with a flash cartoon. Quite possibly the only thing that holds the internet together. Without Strong bad, life would have no meaning and we'd all just fall apart.

Secret of Mana Theatre: Its advertised as a comic, but it is actually a cleverly disguised cartoon. Short one and two minute flash updates in the beginning, vaguely making reference to and trying to follow the Secret of Mana storyline from the SNES game. Just a whole bunch of funny.

Well, tell me if you need any more, I've got tons. Hope this helps! :)
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« Reply #6 on: April 27, 2006, 05:22:18 pm »
Mhm I love webcomics. : D The funny ones you don't have to think about. I read them in the morning before I go to school a lot of times...

My favorites are...

Friendly Hostility A wonderful sarcastic-humour sort of comic.

The one and only... Penny Arcade. I think I read there stuff just because I'm addicted when I know I shouldn't be.

VG Cats ...nuff said.

Ctrl+Alt+Del ...tee hee. It's funny how I read gaming webcomics when I don't game at all. Yet I still find them hilarious.

Zap! This one is actually a story-line and is only updated on monday and thursday but I still think it's nice if you like Sci-fi with some humour.

Return To Sender Pretty much inactive and not updated anymore but really good for people that respect the art style and the odd sense of humour.

Pandect ...This one is good for yaoi fans.

Filthy Lies Wonderful webcomic that makes fun of politics, religion, and society in the worst ways possible. Only for the most cynical people of this world.

I have more but they aren't my favorites : D
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« Reply #7 on: April 27, 2006, 06:44:01 pm »

*Pokes through*

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« Reply #8 on: April 27, 2006, 07:10:33 pm »
I read

Sore Thumbs -

Holy Bibble -

Snafu Comics -

(read around some of the other comics too, Grim tales is really cool)

@Sassy; Friendly Hostility is one of my faves too! Glad to see someone else listing it!

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« Reply #9 on: May 02, 2006, 08:45:41 pm »
These are some of the ones that I read.
Honestly I have to recommend all of them ^_^

The Devil's Panties
Dominic Deegan
Las Lindas
Questionable Content
Catboy at the Con
Tales of the Dark
Six by Nine College
The B movie comic
Something Positive

Those are all the ones that I am reading right now that I believe have not been mentioned before. ^_^

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« Reply #10 on: May 11, 2006, 09:04:18 pm »
I am ashamed to admit that I do not keep up on the Strongbad emails. Woe is me :(

I really only read Penny Arcade.
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