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Now Taking Leather commissions for any event
« on: March 29, 2006, 02:48:23 pm »
My leather repair shop “VonDan Leatherworks” in Eugene Oregon is expanding into reenactment and costume leather accessories (much more fun that fixing luggage.)

I have made leather accessories for the Eugene Christian Fellowship’s Easter Pageant, Eugene Opera, University of Oregon, Actors Cabaret, the Shrewsbury Renaissance fair stunt crew, Chinook Winds Casino and professional Santa’s.

In the past I have made full sets of Leather Roman Segmatata, Achilles from the movie Troy, Roman war sandals, capes & cloaks, bracers and all sorts of pouches, belts, frogs, hangers and custom boot modifications.

I could probably create, repair or copy any leather reenactment items with adequate reference material.  When I had a request for Roman armor I had no idea how to do it but after hitting the internet for a few hours I worked out a pattern to make Lorica Segmentata in the Corbridge style out of leather as the customer requested.

Items like sword belts and hangers I could make for customers in any location.  At this time I would only make items that need fitting like an armor piece or modified boots for customers local to my area.

And I should add that I’m open to any comments about what leather items some one might want to see for both historical re enactment and tournament fighting. So far I have only made what customers have requested and that has been mostly from the theatrical community, one-time renaissance fair goers, and black powder re enactors.

Currently I’m selling basic ring belts and rapier belts on e-bay.

VonDan Leatherworks
865 Conger St #17
Eugene OR
541 345 3256
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