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Cosplay Informative Speech
« on: February 15, 2006, 11:41:08 am »
Turns out I am in a time crunch here after missing a few days of SP-111.  I need to give an informative speech on a topic of my choosing.  I chose cosplay, but I need credible, legit sources.

If there are any coordinators (or the con chair even) that have a few years of experience with cosplay and convention, could I possibly get some info?

The two main things I need are info on cosplaying at an anime convention from an individual (coordinators), like why cosplaying is such a big thing, and why put together a convention for cosplaying...

Basically I am covering three points in the concept of cosplaying: 1) The origins of cosplay 2) Cosplaying at a convention and 3) General info about the Cosplay community.

I need credible sources, and the coordinators and con chair seem like they'd be good ones.

This thing is due Friday...v.v  email me your words on the matter at

~Yatta Dante
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