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2006 February 11th GM Minutes
« on: February 11, 2006, 06:28:38 pm »
Here are the Meeting Minutes for February, for all those who might be interested. If you have any questions, please post them here.


Meeting Minutes for General Meeting February 11, 2006
18 attendees
Signs – we have signs to show where the meetings are at a given site.

Recap of pertinent Executive meeting items – we have budgets!  Please contact your friendly neighborhood director.  For the directors, contact the treasurer.

Instant Meeting Minutes- taken on a laptop at the meetings and immediately uploaded if we have internet when the meeting ends

Full Year Schedule – Meg is getting confirmations for meetings.  The only dates that are currently flexible are the last two meetings in August.  May only have one meeting that month. August meeting will probably be at the hotel (psu as a backup).  Eugene meeting on the 12th of March will have some sewing machines so that people can work on finishing their costumes after/before the meeting.

Help in advertising
   Sakura Table – we need staffing for the Sakuracon table. Please contact, if you are interested in helping out.
   Meeting in Eugene

Department Updates
Completed Projects- None to report
Expected Completed Projects by next meeting dates- Schedule for review and update.
Announcements (Guests) – All panelists must get their panelist forms in by March 1st. Guest spots need to be filled in as well.  Staff should be allowed in contests, as long as they don’t conflict with scheduled duties.  Execs can’t participate in any contests.  

Updates from Staff- Ellen has a slew of new ideas for fanfic, which she will be testing out a Sakuracon

Filled Positions – Everything except cosplay (maybe)
Open Positions – Cosplay (may be filled)

Completed Projects- Confirmed one guest
Expected Completed Projects by next meeting dates- filling of more positions, more guests
Announcements (Confirmed Events, Programming) – Confirmed Guests: Brad and Elizabeth Dean.  Tiffany Grant.  Several other people in the wings, but they are still not confirmed.

Updates from Staff- Nothing to Report

Filled Positions- Exhibitor Manager
Open Positions- Artist Manager, Guest Manager, Charity Manager, Industry Manager  

Completed Projects
Expected Completed Projects by next meeting dates

Updates from Staff- Please contact your director with all email info to pass on to the personnel director. We are updating the staff areas on the forums, and the staff email list before the next meeting.

Filled Positions – Everything else
Open Positions – Infodesk, Volunteers, AV

Completed Projects- filling of all staff positions, coordination with Meg
Expected Completed Projects by next meeting dates- Posters, flyers, ad in Sakura con book
Announcements – Zac is a very busy boy.  With two jobs and school, he’s getting less and less time to work with the con.  He is going to try to offset some of the work.  Meg is going to be helping as well. If you are publicity staff, please contact Meg at asap.  

Updates from Staff- Posters and Flyers are on the way

Filled Positions -- Everything
Open Positions - None

Break for groups.
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2006 February 11th GM Minutes
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2006, 01:06:03 pm »
Thanks for mentioning the "new ideas" in fanfic--they include:

2 new fanfic improv games--party guests (folks cosplay and audience/participants have to guess who they're cosplaying); and live action freeze tag (you might have seen this on who's line is it anyway)

webcomic panel

manga meet up

2 new workshops by toni levi, one including the joss whedon universes and one on shapeshifters in anime/manga and in ainu folktales

and on-site zine

my aspiration for kumoricon is live streaming video for folks to watch and vote on fanfic bedtime stories from across the country

also a correction: due to the fact that i'm experimenting with some new things at SC, i've arranged to finalize my panel forms after SC, to reflect what worked and what didn't or what could better be performed in what ways.

Thanks and love & sorry i missed the yummy food
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