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Anime Miis in video games
« on: November 22, 2019, 10:58:52 pm »
Does anyone here own any video games that allow use of Nintendo Miis?
A year ago, I ended up getting a game for the Nintendo Switch called Go Vacation and for a lengthy period, played it addictively with Miis I created of various anime and video game characters.
If anyone here has games that allow used of Miis, have you ever made ones of certain characters to use in games?
And if any of you have Go Vacation for the Switch, I'd love to find someone to play it multi-player with. Most of the mini-games can't be played with other Miis when done one-player, and it would be a thrill to play against other people playing as different anime or video game names.
If you don't have this game, I highly recommend it. The mini-games and objectives are already fun, but using Miis of your favorite Japanese animated characters brings it to another level.