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Karaoke Idol/Hybrid Contest
« on: November 10, 2019, 11:53:25 pm »

Hello everyone this is the current list of people we have received audition forms from if you currently do not see your name or have any questions/concerns please feel free to e-mail (
Please note that those who marked that they would like to sing at the earliest time possible we be auditioned in a first come first serve manner. If you have prior arrangements please check-in as soon as possible as final order in which auditions take place will be based on who arrives first to check-in. Auditions will be held Friday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

hybrid       either    Millie Fox
idol           either    Mariah Millard
idol           either    Ash O’Dell
hybrid       either    lennel ray
idol           either    Veleah Dooley
idol           either    Ren Alexander
idol           early     Mira L
hybrid       early     Ijabo Dahir
idol           early     Ijabo Dahir
hybrid       late       Brooke Persoon
idol           early     China Larsen
idol           either    Erin Wolfe
idol           late       Kyra Walters
hybrid       either    Corry Harline
idol           either    Swirtty Mae Nibley
idol           late       Oliver Zhang
idol           late       Ling Shen
idol           early     Jaimie Smith
idol           either    Delanie Gierok
idol           either    Maria Gonzalez
idol           either    Eris Eaton
idol           either    Isabella Guetter
idol           either    Sarah Pollard
idol           late       Dennis Luna
idol           either    Kori Hough
idol           either    Cody P
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