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Karaoke Idol/Hybrid Contest
« on: October 24, 2018, 10:26:21 pm »

Hello everyone this is the current list of people we have received audition e-mails from if you currently do not see your name or have any questions/concerns please feel free to e-mail
please note that those who marked that they would like to sing at the earliest time possible we be auditioned in a first come first serve manner so if you have prior arrangements that need to be attended to come as ready and early as you can auditions will be held Friday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

idol       early     Carlos Pardo
idol       early     Yuki (Annie) C
idol       early     maurico cunningham
idol       early     Elizabeth Fortner
idol       early     Kaitlin Lockhart
idol       late       Skaiyler Belle
idol       either    Jeneba Diane King
hybrid   either    Allison Hay
idol       either    Zachary Wedmore
idol       early     Lani Clapper
idol       either    Mira Lindner
hybrid   either    lennel ray
idol       early     Oliver Welsh
idol       early     Oliver Zhang
idol       either    Christian Clark
idol       early     Wesley O'Donnell
hybrid   early     Rin Brock
idol       late       Briawna Powell
idol       either    Autumn Lawson
hybrid   late       Freya McKinlay
idol       either    Yuting Yang