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Osu! At Kumoricon 2019


I was actually quite surprised that Osu! wasn't available at Kumoricon this year. The game is free to download, you don't need an account to play by yourself, and much of its content is heavily influenced by Japanese culture. Osu! is a rhythm game mainly known for its "circle clicking," you click circles to the beat of the music or the notes in the song. That's basically the entire main game. But there are other rhythm games in Osu! like osu!taiko (which I'm pretty sure I saw the arcade version at the gaming section), osu!catch where you catch fruit to the beat, and osu!mania almost like playing the piano (very similar to other piano games and Dance Dance Revolution). I noticed the game was already suggested for next year on a whiteboard in the desktop section which means there is people who want to play Osu! as well. You can get Osu! on their main website at or more specifically The setup would be a bit time consuming if you wanted to add a variety of "beatmaps" (songs you can play) to each computer but I suggest getting those here there is also the option of getting osu!sync which syncs the songs into a list that the program can use to download beatmaps (aka setting up one computer then syncing the rest). Or you could just copy a USB of the game over to multiple computers (which I recommend... also the game can also run on just plugging in a USB if that's of any use). There's also skins you can download for the game which changes the look of the circles and animations (you'll probably see the differences while looking at game play). I recommend this skin as an alternative option to the default for players: The hardware needed for the game is just basic PC hardware but some players play with a drawing tablet which is an idea to think about but most likely people would just bring their own tablet.

The main problem with suggesting this game is the extreme learning curve it has. Most people I've seen who start out fail a lot on this game. But since the only people who are probably going to play Osu! are people who've played it before I don't think it matters too much. But there is a tutorial that comes with the game to teach new comers how to play. There are also difficulty reducing mods within the game.

What would make this game really attracting to play is a tournament for Osu!, I mean I know I'd sign-up! People who play Osu! are usually extremely competitive and it would be a lot more fun if a tournament was set up. I could help explain how tournaments work in more detail if needed.

Lastly I know this has been suggested once on the forums: but that was almost 4 years ago so I wanted to start a new thread especially since the game is a lot more professional and modern now.

Here is an example of someone playing Osu!: keep in mind though the easy levels aren't even close to this fast, this is an example that probably regular users would play.

I remember seeing this on the suggestion list.  I believe that the LAN department has plans to make sure everything (or most of) on that list will be available on every computer.  Don't quote me on that, but I believe that that is the plan.


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