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Kumoricon 2017 AMV Battle Royale!!! - ACCEPTING CONTESTANTS
« on: April 02, 2017, 02:03:15 pm »

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting another Iron Chef competition. We had such a big success last year, and we are so grateful to everyone who was involved to make it happen!

This time we will be changing the name of the event to "AMV Battle Royale!!!" but any and all rules will stay largely the same.
We are looking for 4 qualified editors interested in editing in front of a live audience. This year we anticipate a larger audience, as well as more amazing prizes!
The theme this year is "Get Your Head In The Game!" We are looking for the best sports-themed AMV. If you think you have got what it takes, please read these rules below and submit 1-3 videos to show off your skills!
Email these to:

This will be done on a first-come, first-served basis, until we have our 4 editors lined up for this year's AMV Battle Royale!!!


Here is a list of the rules!


1. must procure footage/music through their own means
2. must provide their own editing equipment (headphones, laptops, hard drives)
3. must stay within the time limit (0:30-2:00)
4. must edit from the 10 sources (which will be sent in an email) for their video
5. have the ability to choose their own song, but they must send it in for pre-screening
6. must include their unique secret sauce (which will be sent in an email)
7. are allowed (not mandatory) 10% of their total runtime to feature sources of their choosing (must conform to Kumoricon AMV Contest footage guidelines – see official rules)
8. must not use original audio from the sources (unless it is time-shifted)
9. may plan their video ahead of time (no drafting or notes) -- they can only start editing at the start of the competition
10. must follow rules of good sportsmanship/etiquette
11. must be present in the AMV theater room 30 minutes prior to set-up for contest
12. must RSVP the Kumoricon AMV staff in order to reserve their spot in the contest (after being chosen)
13. must submit 1-3 AMVs that show off their skills/talents (we will be showing these during the contest)send these to:
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