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Anonymous Question and Comment Process
« on: November 01, 2018, 08:04:36 pm »
The annual elections on November 17, 2018, will be led by a moderator as well as three tellers (plus an alternate):

Moderator: Phillip Koop, Vice Chair (Oversight)
Teller: Jo Ayers, Member Services Manager
Teller: Leon Lewis, Facilities Liaison Manager, Yojimbo Coordinator
Teller: Leah Teitelbaum, Assistant Secretary, Dispatch Coordinator
Teller, alternate: Robert Trotter, Quartermaster

At our elections, after the open question-and-comment period, we have an additional anonymous question-and-comment period. Questions and comments may be submitted in person at the election, or emailed in advance. We have set up an email address where anonymous questions and comments may be submitted, subject to the following rules:

1) The members of the moderator panel (comprised of the elections moderator and tellers) choose anonymous questions and comments to sponsor and read at the meeting, from those submitted.

2) Anonymous questions/comments are anonymous when read at the meeting, but the moderator panel must know the identity of the person commenting. As part of the moderation process, the panel may request more information from you or request a change to your question/comment, or possibly even reject your question/comment.

3) The moderator panel will reply to you stating whether your comment has been accepted. Comments will be accepted at prior to and at elections, so people can submit questions and comments in response to things said at the meeting. You can also bring up a written note at the elections meeting without using email, but this might be less anonymous than using email. Please remember both written notes and email messages must be signed with the name that you are known by in the Kumoricon community.

Please feel free to use the email if there is anything you would like to ask the candidates privately, and we hope to see you all at the annual meeting!
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