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Nominations for 2019 Member-Elected Board Positions

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This thread is for tracking, posting, and replying to nominations and seconds for member-elected board positions. This post will be updated as the status changes. For discussion or questions to candidates, please use the designated Q&A threads for each position instead.

To nominate or second candidates, or respond to a nomination, you may either post in this thread, or email

Correction to nomination procedure stated at the Rant and Rave meeting: Nominations must be seconded to be valid. You cannot nominate or second yourself. Once you have accepted a valid nomination by the deadline, you will be added to the list of candidates below. Once you are nominated and seconded, you may change your acceptance status at will until the nominations deadline of Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 11:59pm.

For general information about the elections meeting and process, see 2019 Elections Overview.

After November 6, all responses other than "Accept" ("Decline", "Defer", or "Not present") were removed from this top post (a record of their nominations remains in posts below). Candidates may still be nominated, and candidates may still change their responses after this date between "Accept" and "Not accept" until the final online nominations deadline of November 14, 2018, 11:59pm.

Chair / President

* Brian Mathews - AcceptDirector of Infrastructure

* Ash "Bunny" Butler - AcceptDirector of Membership

* Jessica Ulibarri - AcceptDirector of Operations

* Jason Pollard - AcceptDirector of Programming

* Devin Hunter - AcceptDirector of Publicity

* Samantha Rushford - AcceptDirector of Relations

* Sam Taylor - Accept

This post is a record of nominations, seconds, and acceptances at the Rant and Rave session on the last day of the convention. This post is a fixed record and will not be edited as nominations and acceptances change.

Chair / President

* Brian Mathews, accepted at session
* Ciarán Strange, not present at sessionDirector of Infrastructure

* Ash "Bunny" Butler, accepted at session
* Devin Hunter, declined at sessionDirector of Membership

* Jessica Ulibarri, accepted at sessionDirector of Operations

* Jason Pollard, accepted at session
* Ben Riker, deferred at sessionDirector of Programming

* Jaki Hunt, declined at session
* Devin Hunter, accepted at session
* Andrew Young, declined at sessionDirector of Publicity

* Samantha Rushford, accepted at sessionDirector of Relations

* Sam Taylor, defered at sessionSuggestions for board-elected positions (these positions are not seconded or accepted):

Secretary (board-elected position):

* Jeff Tyrrill
* Jeffrey ConradtTreasurer (board-elected position):

* Rene Webb
* Jeff Tyrrill
* Timothy Trotter
* Christopher LaFlamme
* K.C. Knight

I second Brian Mathews and Ciarán Strange for Chair.

I second Ash "Bunny" Butler for Director of Infrastructure.

I second Jessica Ulibarri for Director of Membership.

I second Jason Pollard and Ben Riker for Director of Ops.

I second Devin Hunter for Director of Programming.

I second Samantha Rushford for Director of Publicity.

I second Sam Taylor for Director of Relations.

There has been an emailed nomination for Phillip Koop for Director of Infrastructure.

Wait a second, Jaki declined?

I want off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.


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