Author Topic: Ask on Titan 2018 - Junior High Meets The Military (PANELISTS NEEDED)  (Read 171 times)

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If You’ve seen Attack on Titan or Attack on Titan: Junior High, and you enjoy being the center of attention (to some degree), then please join this panel.

Day: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Location: Somewhere in the Oregon Convention Center

How to Contact Me: If you need to contact me, you can email me (, or text me [(503)781-2723]

Acceptable Cosplays: ANYTHING from Attack on Titan or Attack on Titan: Junior High

- Q&A Session
- Trivia
- Truth or Dare

Who We Have
JaegerDarkness - Eren Jäger

Still Available
- Mikasa Ackerman
- Armin Arlert
- Sasha Braus
- Connie Springer
- Ymir
- Krista Lenz
- Jean Kirsten
- Marco Bodt
- Bertholdt Hoover
- Reiner Braun
- Annie Leonhardt
- Erwin Smith
-Levi Ackerman (could be taken by Matthew Mercer, if he’s able to be at my panel)
- Mike Zacharius
- Hanji Zoe
- Auro Bozado
- Gunther Schultz
- Eld Jin
- Petra Ral
- Isabelle Magnolia (Junior High)
- Farlan Church (Junior High)
- Grisha Jäger (Junior High)
- Carla Jäger (Junior High)
- Armin’s Grandpa (Junior High)
- ANYONE else who wasn’t listed
~~Formerly Otaku_24~~

K-con '18 Cosplays
FOR SURE: Eren Jäger
MAYBE: Whatever isn't "FOR SURE"

Please join my party!
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