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Anime LARP - Log Horizon or Teenagers from Outer Space?


Hello, Kumoricon!

My name is Micah, and I'd like to see an anime-inspired LARP based on Log Horizon and/or this crazy anime-inspired game called "Teenagers from Outer Space" at this year's convention.

And I've got plans for each of them... But only think I can do one at a time right now.

The Log Horizon one will require various NPC monster costumes, male & female setting-appropriate rented, bought or custom-made costume materials that will be borrowable by players, as well as realistic foam weaponry, cleverly hidden bubble machines that activate when your character or NPC runs out of HP, and color-coded magic spell casting equipment for mages & healers (including Thorn Bind Hostage, the most well-used spell of Shiroe's in the series) and special equipment for different subclasses, as well as MP and HP bracelets and a revival system.

The Classes for original playable characters are:
Warrior: Monk (chains quick attacks, heals quickly), Guardian (basically a Knight), Pirate (nautical swordsman) / Samurai (cool sword moves, long recharge time) / Paladin (magic sword & weapon attacks; long recharge time) / Youxia (Chinese multi-weapon fighters who fight with a unique style)
Melee Attack: Assassin (high-powered attacks that finish enemies off quickly), Swashbuckler (double swords, best defenders, lots of combos), Bard (magical songs that increase strength of attack party)
Healer: Cleric (most powerful healer, must be in party) / Templar (somewhat less powerful healer with weapons), Druid (), Medium (spirit & divine contacts) / Kannagi (capable of healing healers and summoning gods, become Shinto Priest or Miko at Level 40) / Exorcist (good at dispelling demons & undead, not so good at killing them) / Medecine Man (can summon gods better than Kannagi, but cannot heal other healers)
Mage: Sorcerer (elemental magic spells, like Rundel Haus Code in the series), Summoner (can summon certain monsters by pacting with them), Enchanter (magical support, really good at observation and strategy)

In this system, there are a bunch of Subclasses to choose from too. Most of those will be from the Log Horizon Wiki; some of them may not. And there will also be many kinds of monster, including an original Genius (or post-Apocalypse monsters from outside the world of Elder Tale) and maybe a Raid-Rank one too, but mostly smaller Party- or Normal-Rank ones.

To do this game well, I will need a lot of community support, and probably an independent Indiegogo fund, as I cannot run this epic idea by myself

I'd like your opinion on this first idea; however, there's another, somewhat simpler game that could include anyone in modern-ish anime-style clothing: Ternagers from Outer Space... I'll explain that game in my next post!

If this goes down can I please be a crappy photographer for this? lol
I think this is a great idea.

I have the PDF for TFOS, so I'm rather fluent in the rules, just never played an actual session yet.
I also have extensive experience in my Amtgard LARP, so either or both games is fine with me.


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