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Cosplay and Games for sale.
« on: June 08, 2017, 04:57:32 pm »

I have some stuff for sale I'm trying to get rid of. Prices for cosplay items include shipping within the US. If you attend Sakuracon, Kumoricon, Anime PDx or Newcon I might be able to wave the shipping fee and lower the price and just bring it to you at con. However, the props are far too big to bring to any con other than Sakuracon. I take a train and there isn't room for props on the trips to the Oregon cons. I have rides to Sakuracon so I CAN bring props to that con.
If you buy a LOT of stuff, like a bundle of games, I will have to see what shipping box it fits in before figuring out what the shipping price will be.

I'll also take offers, but please be reasonable. The games are around $10 cheaper than you'll get them at gamestop USED..So I think that's fair.
Comes with:
Worn quite a few times. More than 5 I'd say. Everything has been washed clean though. Size American Male XL

$10 each
-My waste is 44in and these stretch enough to fit.
-Cloud Advent Children main sword-$85
Looks like his sword. Made of cardboard with wooden dowel handle/insert for strength. VERY sturdy.

-Squall Gunblade-$195
Made of wood. Was originally commissioned for me, and cost me $300. Shipping will be a LOT (It's somewhat heavy, but managable).

-Fenrir Keyblade-$125
Metal. Quite heavy. Not sharp. Probably not con safe. Great for Kingdom Hearts fans who collect things from the series.
-Game Capture Card-$95
Elgato Game Capture HD. You see those youtube channels that stream or do let's plays of console games? Yea, this is what they use. You can't record a let's play or do a stream that actually looks nice without one of these. These are right now $130, but I'm selling it for $80 with $15 shipping. If you want to skip shipping and you go to one of the above mentioned cons, I can just bring it with me.

All games are like new unless specified otherwise
Console - $75
Here's the exact same one I have. It sells used for $119
Stella Glow - $20 (used sells for $31
Legend Of Zelda OOT3D - $10 (used sells for $19
Kingdom Hearts 3D - $18 (used sells for $27)
Pokemon Moon - $25 (used sells for $38)
Pokemon Y - $20 (used sells for $30)
Etrain Mystery Dungeon - $8 (used sells for $15)
Fighting Climax - $10 (used sells for $20)
Gravityu Rush 1 - $10 (used sells for $20)
Kingdom Hearts 1,2,RE:CoM - $20 for the lot
Mortal Kombat Deception Premium Pack - $10 (couldn't find a "used sells for" price..)
Xenosaga 1 - $5? (Couldn't find a used copy to base it on)
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 - $8 (used sells for $15)
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 - $8 (used sells for $15)
Witch & The Hundred Knight - $5 (used sells for $10
Trinity Universe - $8 (used sells for $15)
Atelier Rorona - $5 (used sells for $10
Eternal Sonata - $15 (signed by Patrick Seitz)
Mugen Souls & Mugen Souls Z $10 (together they are about $20. I'd like to sell them together)
DisgaeaD2,3&4 - $10 (all together sells used about $20. Also have #5 [PS4])
Disgaea 5 - $20 (used sells for $30. We can work out a deal if you buy the PS3 ones too)
Omega Quintet - $18 (used sells for $25)
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - $10 (used sells for $20)
BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend - $30 (signed by Patrick Seitz)
Mighty No. 9 - $5 (used sells for $10
Splatoon - $35 (used sells for $50)
New Super Mario U+Luigi U - $30 (used sells for $45)
Super Mario 3d world - $10 (Selects version. Couldn't find a used price)
Hyrule Warriors - $20 (used sells for $30
Yoshi's Woolly World/Pink Yarn Amiibo - $15 (W/out amiino & specail box) $25 (W/ box & amiibo)
Images of all game items: