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What's the best way to sell a large collection of console videogames in the grea


In the next few months, I will be clearing out a pretty large videogame collection...there are several consoles, a couple dozen controllers and accessories, and a few hundred games in total. This is "old school" stuff, nothing recent generation, Atari 2600 through the original Playstation, and it all works perfectly (anything scratched, damaged, or unreliable has been culled out).

I'm less concerned with getting absolute top dollar and more concerned with convenience and getting this stuff in the hands of someone who will enjoy them rather than continuing to store them. What I'm wondering is, is there a specific online forum or physical store or meetup group or something in the area that would be a good way for me to share pics and details and find a buyer?

I'm aware of PRGE but need to get this done before October.

I absolutely do not want to use Craigslist, too flaky and annoying.

I would like to avoid packaging and shipping, so a local transaction would be best.

Thanks for any and all advice! Oh and if this sounds like something anyone here on the forums would be interested in feel free to let me know and I will get in touch soon once I've made a detailed list of everything and photographed it all.

If you have an original Xbox I would be highly interested

A potential area in these forums is the Manga Swap Meet section.

There's also a new anime con in Portland called Anime PDX.  It takes place in mid-July.  I only heard of them about a week ago, but from what I know, it will be at the Crowne Plaza near the Moda Center and is going to be having its second con this year.  They may have ways to help you out with that, too.

Try the Retro Game Trader store in Beaverton, on Farmington.


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