Author Topic: Anime Christmas and Anime Therapy panels submitted  (Read 2435 times)

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Anime Christmas and Anime Therapy panels submitted
« on: May 04, 2017, 06:58:44 pm »
Once again, I have submitted Anime Christmas and made a submission for Anime Therapy as well.
I'll have some great new prizes and penalties in store and would also like to help other fans on anime-related issues that they've had.
In recent years, I went through some bullying with other otaku on Facebook and the experiences inspired me to start up a therapy panel.
In it, I share some of my worst moments and counsel others on theirs, whether it's bad moments with other fans, something in an anime scarred them or being mistreated just for liking Japanese animation.
So far, I've done it a couple of times at SacAnime in Sacramento where it's gone over very well and it would be great to do it at Kumoricon for the first time.