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Running RPG games and a panel, ideas?



I'm Jake. I write RPGs and since last year Kumoricon is my favorite Portland-based con (with RCCC in second place). I was wondering if this is the place to talk about setting up an RPG table and maybe a panel about writing games. I've got several topics. Which sound most interesting?

-Autism/Aspergers/Bipolar Disorder
-Kickstarting your game (I've done two campaigns, both of which exceeded their goals and are released/on track for release)
-Breaking into the RPG industry (I've worked/work for lots of big companies in the industry, including Alderac, Mongoose and Modiphius)
-Producing your books, from finding writers, editors, artists and layout people to doing any of these yourself

This sounds like an awesome idea!  If you want to increase the chances of getting noticed in the forums, you may want to try the Panels & et cetera section.

Interesting... I have a deep interest in all of your potential gaming topics, including Anime, Gaming and Neurodiversity. I am more than willing to help with a Neurodiversity / RPG Design panel (as I not only have Asperger's and survived encephalitis, giving me a unique perspective on geekiness & neurodiversity, but am also planning at least one unique anime-based LARP for next Kumoricon).

So, yeah... Do you think we could talk? Cause I was hoping to be part of at least one panel too...

Micah (AKA Worldbridge)


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