Author Topic: 2017 Cosplay Progress Thread!  (Read 2402 times)

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2017 Cosplay Progress Thread!
« on: August 05, 2017, 12:39:00 pm »
I remember one of these last year, but didn't see one for this year. If there IS one, let me know please and I'll have this one removed.

So, what has everyone been working on for this con?

Right now I'm working on Zelda from A Link Between Worlds, and my created character from Sword Art Online Hollow Realization.

Here's the armor pieces for Zelda (shoulder/chest armor, wristbands, and head piece. I also have a wig and the ears, as well as the fabric cut into the right shapes, but those aren't pictured). The shoulder and chest pieces are EVA foam mats, and the others are craft foam.

The second image is obviously the only other mentioned one, my character in the SAO game. So I have the jacket that I got from a site called cosplayshopper, but DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! It is HORRIBLE! They did a very very bad job. It looks really bad when actually can see the details. They also never sent the belts that came with it, and haven't replied to my complaints about that. The wig is an Arda Jeannie wig I styled.