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Extreme Upgrade to our AMV Content at the Con this year (2016)
« on: October 09, 2016, 03:58:00 pm »
I am very pleased to be able to announce that there will be an enormous amount of AMV Panels and a 2nd Contest this year for all of the AMV Fans.  Hopefully we will make some new fans as well!!!

The Final Times have not Officially been released but I have been given the green light to give out the Day and Panel information 8) .

We have the following this year:


---Anime Music Video (AMV) Introduction and Basics
 Not sure what an AMV is? Come join us for an introduction as we cover the basic concepts, show some examples and answer any questions you may have about the art before the Contest begins.

---AMV Contest
Kumoricon's International Anime Music Video Competition.  Editors from around the world compete in different Categories that are Judged by the Audience during the Contest. Awards go to the #1 winner of each category as well as a Best in Show.   Winners are announced during Closing Ceremonies.   This will be one of the largest Shows we have ever held and had an extraordinary amount of submissions that we even had to add an 8TH Category to accommodate for as many fantastic videos as possible (This is a year you won't want to miss ;) )

---AMV AfterShow
After the AMV Contest, stay and watch AMV's that didn't make it into this years Contest.   There are a lot of great ones we just couldn't fit into the Contest this year - It made for some very hard decisions!

Watch how Anime Music Video's are Created as Multiple Video Editors compete in a Live Contest to see who can create the best AMV within a Time Limit. Contestants will receive Surprise Bonus Content as the Contest begins. Listen to Live Commentary as well as Q&A is encouraged with the Audience!  As a BONUS for the AUDIENCE we will also have a variety of games going so we can leave the Editors time to crunch out their videos ;D .

---Anime According to AMV's
Audience Participation based Panel showcasing AMV's then having members of the audience that have not previously seen the Anime used for the source footage of the AMV try to explain what the original Anime is about. Fun for the audience and Panel Hosts as well!!!

---AMV Overflow Show
Any AMV's that didn't get played at the AfterShow on Friday will be showcased here as well as previous years winners (if we even have enough time for previous years - Did I mention the massive amount of submissions we had this year? ::) )

---AMV Comedy Hour
Join us for a full hour of the Best Comedy AMV's, with live commentary mixed in. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and good for more then a few laughs! Take a trip thru various years Contest Winner's as well as a few surprise AMV's tossed in to add to the fun.

It's going to be a really fun year for AMV's - Don't miss out!
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