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Anime Court 2016 *Approved*
« on: October 21, 2016, 10:34:34 am »

WE, Brothers United Productions the bringers of justice, are bringing the Anime Court back we had a lot of hits of love last year... This we are hopefully going to be a little more ready with harder evidence and better comebacks. Ever felt ike a villain or even a hero does not get the justices that he/she deserves. Come in and see some of the your favorite anime/ video game/ comic book characters brought up to the stand and tried for their wrong doings.
When: Saturday the 29th
Time: 1pm
Where: Panel 4

If you get a chance please read the RR:

Here is the form I would love you to fill out if you are interested:

I want new cases so here is the past cases
2013 Judge: ‘Red Hair’ Shanks
Sasuke Uchiha / Toni Stark
Dr Watson VS Ms Holmes
Maka VS Black*Star
Edward Elric VS Squid Girl

Judge: Tony Tony Chopper
Crowley / Shunsui
Chrysalis VS Celestia
Harley Quinn VS Joker
Soul Evans VS Black*Star

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Sasuke Uchiha, Kanda Yuu
Touka, Michiru,
and Haha

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