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Evangelion Crash Course Panel (ACCEPTED)
« on: September 11, 2016, 04:38:10 pm »
Hello, all! My friend and I are putting on a panel this year, here's the breakdown:

Evangelion Crash Course

Panel Description:
“Whether you don’t know where to start or aren’t sure what you just watched, you are (not) alone. This panel will give an intro into Evangelion’s story and characters, then unpack confusing plot lines and break down the heavier themes and symbols to help make sense of this mess of religious symbolism and robots.”

Day and Time: TBA

This panel aims to help make Evangelion as a whole more approachable and understandable, especially for people who are confused or put off by the series itself or what they may have seen or heard from anime culture. The first part of the panel will be spoiler-free and serve as a guide for what to expect when approaching the series, and how to navigate the confusing plot and symbolism. The second half of the panel will focus on breaking down the more confusing, convoluted, or psychological aspects for those who have watched the series (mostly focusing on the original anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, but we may touch on themes from the films and Rebuilds if there is interest).

Though the information in the panel is targeted toward people who are not completely familiar with Evangelion, we plan on making it enjoyable for super fans as well, and hope to provide a format for anyone wishing to explain or introduce Eva to friends who may be skeptical. Also, expect memes. Many memes.

Please bring your friends, and until then, Take Care of Yourself! :)