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Anime & Religion and Anime King Game submitted
« on: June 06, 2016, 03:25:17 am »
Along with Anime Christmas and Anime Therapy, I have two more submissions for this year.

They are Anime & Your Religion and the Anime King Game.

The anime/religion panel is for people with a religious background to talk about how the one they follow has had an effect on how they view certain anime series or characters.
I was raised in a Christian family and of all the series I've seen, I've had quite a few moments where my beliefs have affected how I see them (some being challenging and others rewarding).
It's led to me to wonder if people who follow other religions had moments like that due to their beliefs, whether they're Christian, Buddhist, Islam, Hindu or any other.
For those who do follow a religion, is it common for the one you follow to have an effect on the perspective you've had on certain anime?
If the panel gets approved, I was planning to talk about my own experiences and then other people could discuss ones they've had as well, along with sharing general things about the religions they follow.

The Anime King Game is a game where all the players will pick pieces out of a paper containing either numbers or a crown. Whoever gets the crown is king for that one turn and will command any player to do something in-character depending on the cosplay they're doing.
I got the idea watching Baka and Test and this clip shows how it's played: