Author Topic: Musicians Unite!! 2k16  (Read 3141 times)

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Musicians Unite!! 2k16
« on: February 06, 2016, 01:21:57 am »
Hey Everyone! !

Who's all ready for this year's convention?? (wooo) Anyways, let's get to the main point: I want to play with some other musicians. That's pretty much it..

Some background info about me:
I'm 17, and I'll be 18 by the time the convention comes around. I mainly play the saxophone (Sept 2016 will be my 6 year mark), and I will play almost ANYTHING. I've done gigs with my jazz combo for many different occasions, as well as playing at weddings and other events as a solo gig. I have a whole arsenal of anime music memorized, but it gets boring to play with backing tracks over and over. I arrange music, but that's really time consuming, but I still do it anyways.

I'm up to playing whatever you guys want me to play, like jazz, pop, funk, blues, Jpop, etc. I will play in whatever ensemble (jazz combo, rock band, a sax choir, a mini wind ensemble, etc.)

So, here's my plan:
I will soon make a Google document that will be open to anybody, and there, it will contain people's name, what instruments they play, and it will also include sheet music that everyone has arranged.

For now, please answer these few questions before I make the Google doc:

Instrument(s) & Years of experience:
Style(s) of music:
Type of ensemble preferred:

Thank you everyone! ! :)

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Re: Musicians Unite!! 2k16
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2016, 02:50:45 pm »
So..I play guitar..At the time ofconit'll be into my 17th year playing.
Anyway, in the "fill this out" thing you want to know what ensemble is prefered..I play guitar..Doesn't really fit that question..I mean sure it can be in a Jazz ensemble, but i don't normally play jazz. I play rock....So am i not going to be included then? If so you should make this specific and not a general musicians thread. Just trying to clear up some confusion..Like even if you mean anyone in general, where would someone like me even fit into this, ya know?