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Problems with anime fans
« on: February 02, 2016, 07:47:17 pm »
I'm not sure if this is the right section for this post. It it's not, my apologies.
I wanted to ask, since you started attending anime conventions and interacting with different fans, how often have you had bad experiences with other otaku?
And for those who attend Sakura Con and/or interact with other attendees there, have you had issues with people who post at the Unofficial Sakura Con Group?
I joined when it started in '13 after the Sakura Con forums closed. It was made because a lot of people had complaints about the regular SC group on Facebook being too restrictive. Because of that, I think an independent group there was a good idea.
But the problem is, whoever created it has no common sense. I'm a member of a good number of anime groups on Facebook and all of the others are well-moderated with plenty of fair rules and guidelines, so either no one will post inappropriate messages or if they do, they'll get warned and blocked if they do it again.
Because there's nothing like that at Facebook's Unofficial Sakura Con Group, people are allowed to say whatever the heck they want and get away with it.
At any forum or Facebook group, it's common sense to not say mean or discouraging things to others if they have a perspective on something that's different from yours, yet some of the people there completely ignore that.
I'm not saying that the majority of members at that group are like this (there are over a thousand of them and different people will respond to different things), but of the ones who are are extremely vocal of their own views and to them, God forbid if someone doesn't agree.
A year ago when Vic Mignogna got announced as a guest, several people acted as if everyone in the anime fandom despises him and that the group was made specifically for people to express how much they hate his guts, when in reality it was made for Sakura Con attendees in general.
The Vic-bashers in particular clearly overlook that, and that when a Facebook group is made for anime fans or convention attendees in general, it's important to be aware that something that you don't like might be something that others do and if you're going to express your own view on a topic you dislike, don't do so in ways that'll bother those who respect it, especially if it's on a subject that's well-liked.
When I first joined the group in '13, I got along well with people there and overall, they were fairly well-behaved. But at the beginning of last year, Vic got announced as a guest for Sakura Con and several of them expressed disgust and outrage, going as far as calling him a pedophile and referencing him as a female sex organ.
If a convention gets a guest that you don't like, it's okay to express it if it's done in a way that won't upset other fans who do, but when a forum or group doesn't have rules and restrictions, it's eventually going to result in people joining who won't use common sense.
I know that Vic has gotten his share of hate, but that's a common thing when a voice actor becomes popular. There are other VAs who are no stranger to that, too.
I just calmly explained it there, saying in a completely fair and constructive way that it's not good to buy into the hate that easily and they treated me like I was a nazi, despite the reasons I shared to not believe the hate heavily outweigh the ones for the hate.
I will admit that when a significant number of people make claims or accusations of someone doing terrible things, it's easy to get suspicious, but if someone knows that those people are wrong and gives good reasons for it, there's no excuse to get overly defensive and heavily insist that you're right.

If anyone else here has had nightmarish moments with other people at that group and/or with other otaku, how common is it?
I know I'll get some of this frustration off my back if I know other people have issues at the Unofficial Sakura Con Group.
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Re: Problems with anime fans
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2016, 09:01:15 pm »
I think it's a good idea to put this somewhere. Does it belong in this section? I couldn't say, but it still needs to be talked about because I know exactly what you are talking about.

The latest one I have had where I've had a problem with a fellow fan was at Newcon this year. I saw an awesome Love Live cosplayer and asked for a photo..And while doing so a guy came up also wanting a photo. Kool beans. Nothing wrong there. This person had a Love Live umbrella and was asking all the Love Live cosplayers to pose with it, which is still fine. No problems there..When we both finished taking pictures, not only did I want to know where he got that umbrella, but so did the cosplayer. He was totally down for telling us where and how much it was, but when the cosplayer left, I thought I'd ask him about his bag, and showed him I also had one. This is when he went into "I'm the fan here, not you" mode. He begun to ask me in a very negative sounding way, "well..Have you SEEN the movie?" In that way you would think of a douche guy asking a girl to name the bands first album of the shirt she's wearing..Yea..He kept trying to ask me things and I walked off. Like..Dude..Shut the hell up..If you don't have any friends, I can tell you right now, THAT IS WHY! YOU'RE A JERK!

The only other time was at Kumoricon last year I was talking to someone about Kingdom Hearts explaining something, and one of the other cosplayers (I think another Sora) decided to interrupt me because they felt they knew the answer and there's no way anyone else does, so they must step up and answer the question by silencing me, the somehow inferior one, and they weren't even right with their answer..

Also, I know exactly what you mean about that facebook group..Say one thing that isn't agreeing, and suddenly you're Satan..Then again, I could say the same for,here, the old Sakuracon forums, anywhere..

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Re: Problems with anime fans
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2016, 01:25:52 pm »
I fully agree PC79, I experienced the same thing you did  unofficial sakura con group.  I'm pretty blunt with my honesty but they just seemed like an elitist clique. but they seem like they are good friend with each other so that's a good thing i guess.  However I left that group and never went back a few years ago. 

It's just that the community is friendly on the surface but is full of cliques. So if you are not part of one of them, it will be difficult to socialize in one way or another. Everyone is socially awkward on some level, is going through depression or has some social anxiety etc; it's something that's natural with most people in this community. So most people should be able to relate to one another right? It's just strange that there is such indifference.

For me though it's been casual..if you will. I don't have a lot of friends, and I am on my own a lot. So i try to be as open and friendly as possible. It's just that with a lot of the people I have met turned out to be the wrong people. Basically i ended up being treated like a third wheel by them. There is not much to say on it  really, because they don't tell me anything just expect me to read their minds.