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Aki Con 2015
« on: July 14, 2015, 07:33:54 pm »
Aki Con is this upcoming October 30th through November 1st at the DoubleTree Hotel in Seatac, WA.

Are any of you going? If so will you be cosplaying? Who are you going as? Let's discuss it here!
I'll be cosplaying Kotori from Love Live! If any of you are fellow Love Live cosplayers I'd love to meet up with you.

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Re: Aki Con 2015
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2015, 09:45:29 pm »
Not 100% yet if I'll be going, depends on work related stuff. If I don't start getting good hours I'll have to find a new job. This job is fine with all my con time off, but is very bad at giving you hours meaning no money to live off of, so if I get a new job they might not let me..

But if I do, I'll be bringing something Kingdom Hearts related. Last year I was the Sora with the Ultima Weapon, and the Xemnas with the super accurate jacket and wig, for those that went last year and saw me.
I might have Sora's new KH3 outfit done by then. If so I will bring that. If not, back to the KH2 one that I wore last year. No Ultima though..Broke the chain off and gave it away at Sakuracon this year haha

I also most likely will have a Hyperdimension Neptunia character. I'm in the making of both IF and Nepgear. I also plan on making a MAGES. cosplay after I finish Nepgear. Might not be done with that in time though lol

I'm thinking I might also bring Pokemon Crescent City Gym Leader Ruby Rose (Pokemon RWBY crossover)

Not sure if I'll bring anything else.

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Re: Aki Con 2015
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2015, 06:26:50 pm »
Thought I'd update my Akicon situation, but in a new post so it bumps the thread up..

So I already have the hotel booked and a badge waiting for me. However, unlike the other 10 cons I've attended, this time I have a Press Badge. I did pretty good at Kumoricon with my videoing and photography (though I DO need work, which this will help), so I decided to try for that and got approved (As if that was hard at Akicon or something....)

I will have at least 2 cosplays. I might not bring Sora this time (WHAT!? No Square-Enix stuff at a con? What's wrong with you Jei!!??) lol But I might. I'm debating.
Debate settled. Sora's coming..

Since Saturday is Halloween, I decided to do a Halloween type cosplay this year.
This one is one I never got to do before. It's my Chandelure (Pokemon) cosplay. Ghost Pokemon....Halloween....Yea..
I don't have an image, but here's what I will look like:
-Maid looking dress with long sleeves (they get wider toward my hands, it's my old Ruby [RWBY] dress) and sorta short poofy skirt.
-Apron that the chest part looks like Chandelure's face (black lines with the yellow eyes) and metal things curled that attach to the apron that look like Chandelure's hands.
-Purple thigh high high heel boots with garter straps (also the boot toes are black).
-Flame on my head....It's blueish-purple. and a crown-ish thing..
-I will have a blue pigtail wig. It's poofy as crap.
-I will be carrying around the prop in the beginning of this video (Profanity warning):

Anyway, I plan on doing a LOT of Footage and CMV stuff. So I will be asking a LOT of people if they "want to be in a CMV" or "Can I get video footage of you?"..

So I know this is kind of a long read but I got an update/edit of sorts.
I might bring my Cloud cosplay:
I have to get a new wig because that one was not mine, but it's an easy get.

I also will NOT have the chain thingy for Chendelure. It's extremely heavy and I can not carry it all day. Also I was going off the assumption that I would have a press partner, and it's looking less likely that I will, which means I will need to be able to carry my camera around while in that cosplay, which I can not do if I have to hold onto the chain.
Instead I will have a scythe that is black and 2 shades of blue with a flame on top. That flame will light up, same as the one on my head.

I am NOT bringing Gohan. The amount of makeup wipes it takes to get that blood off is annoying and wasteful for a con this small.
I WILL be bringing Sora and a Kingdom Key. I had him last year, as well as every con since Kumoricon 2014 actually. I used to have the Ultima Weapon, which might help you remember me.
Also depending on my money situation, I might bring Dissidia Final Fantasy Cloud Strife.
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