Author Topic: We have ONE OPENING AT THE RED LION ON THE QUEY - The conventions Red Lion.  (Read 825 times)

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DESPERATE NEED OF A NEW PERSON FOR OUR HOTEL ROOM. My boyfriend and I will be staying at our apartment, but I have four friends staying in a hotel room who have paid me already for the whole weekend from Day 0 to 4.
[/size]Check in, it will vary, it depends on what my manager says about my schedule for that weekend/thursday. It's $90 via paypal now so I can put the money on the card BEFORE con. The others in the room are all in their mid-twenties: all guys. [/color]

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I'm very interested. If we could work something out, i could put down money tonight. You can reach me at

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Is there still a spot available? I am desperate need of a room

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Which hotel is it? I need a place to stay for Thursday night only (when I arrive) because my room won't be ready until Friday.

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if the spot if avalible please let me know.  My friend is coming from Ca