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Question about fanfic judging
« on: September 11, 2015, 01:51:26 pm »
First off I want to say that I'm not quibbling with the results. I haven't read the first place winner so I can't make that call or weigh in on it.

But the notes on my submitted fics don't seem to make much sense.

Like one story has the line "he had a glamorous bent", and the note added next to it is "bent what?". "Bent" in this context is a fairly common term for a tendency, and for a judge to not recognize that is strange.

Another has an exchange along the lines of "did you tell them yet?" "No I haven't." The note adds to the second line "told them yet". Yet it had been a complete thought, and there was no need to repeat it. In the same story, a Pokémon Conquest fic, it refers to a pokemon's human partner as a "link". This was marked out and replaced with "trainer". Yet in Conquest, "link" is the correct term (as well as warrior or warlord). It seemed presumptuous to do this.

I did email the link given on the website but haven't received a reply, so I'm bringing it here.