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Hello! My name's Phoenix and I'm going to be running a Magi panel in a Choose Your Own Adventure styled set up. Currently we have an officially claimed Morgiana, Alibaba, and Kassim. (Aladdin may be taken but we're still accepting others). We are looking for everyone else! This is in a first come first serve basis currently but does require photos of cosplay (however much you have done) to be sure you have the cosplay done in time for the Convention. 

We have people in slots for Sinbad and Judar, so even though at least for Judar that is now being chosen by auditions, we would prefer to have you submit as a character not already 'taken'. But if you have only that cosplay then auditions will take place for the character (which is okay as well).

If you'd like to join, please visit the link below and join the group, then follow instructions listed on the page to apply!

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I'm really looking forward to visiting this panel!   ;D
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this panel looks like fun! if I have the time then ill go for sure!
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