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Wig Sale!
« on: June 30, 2015, 01:31:56 pm »
I'll update pictures soon, but I'd like to get this out there before I forget. If you're interested, either message me on here, on Tumblr (Romtorum5ever), or comment below!

Light blue/Dark blue mixed wig. The photo isn't mine, but this is the one I have. I wore it for Vinyl Scratch a few years ago.
I only wore it about three times.
$15, plus shipping.

Blonde and pink mixed long, curly wig (photo coming soon)
$15, plus shipping

Light orange and reddish/pink, shoulder length wig. (photo coming soon)
$15, plus shipping.

Blue and black mixed, long wig. I wore it once for Zombie Walk. I'll have to detangle it before selling it.
$15, plus shipping.

Short, blonde wig, originally to be used for Hunny from OHSHC. Never worn.
$15, plus shipping.

More to come once I get home and check to see what I have.
Payments made through Paypal unless we meet up to exchange!

I WILL accept trades in some cases! If you have anything you're willing to trade (wigs, Marvel merch, cosplay stuff), just ask!
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