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Want To Buy - Haruhi Suzumiya merch
« on: May 18, 2015, 03:27:46 pm »
I am willing to pay Paypal if you ship the items, or buy them from you personally AT the con.
Items I want:

-Female Winter and/or Summer Uniform.
-Mikuru and Tsuruya's Cosplay Maid Cafe outfits from the episode "Live Alive" (Not the one Mikuru Wears in the clubroom, nor the "battle Waitress" one)
Measurements 48ish/44ish/46ish

Anything that is NOT listed below. I am listing the items I already own, becasue it's much shorter than the list of what I want lol I will be happy to look at pictures of any items you have that are not listed below.
I already own 2 Tsuruya mini statue things:

I also love Keychains and pins and other neat stuff like that (Stamps, pens/pencils/sets, clear files, etc.). I do own one very old pin, but it's in a box and I can't get to it. But it's not in production anymore, and has Haruhi from bust-up, and she's winking, and it has the title in Japanese under her. And it's that old school style where it feels almost like a gel cover over it, and has the push pin style pin sticking out the back, with a backing piece.
I also already own the entire series on DVD.
I also am buying the Mangas in new condition from my local book store. I don't like used manga anyway.
I will look at ANY other items. Including the Light Novels, which I can not find..I will buy the entire set if you have it and it's in great condition (no bent pages, and little to no damage on the covers and spines).

I own the Haruhi and Tsuruya Character CD's. I will look at any others. I also own Hirano Aya's first 2 CD's (the first one which has the season 1 theme song, and the second album which is where the second season theme is from)

ANY!! For some stupid reason I have none..I MORE THAN ANYTHING want one that has to do with Haruiism (the fake religion about Haruhi being our "God") But I will take any.

Hmm..There may be more things, but I can't think of anything else..
If anyone has anything please comment of message me.
And if you see this listing and are not a member of the forums, you can email me at
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