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Religion and Yo Mama panel ideas for next year
« on: May 16, 2015, 01:03:18 am »
I've got a couple of panel ideas for next year that I'd like to share.

One of them is a discussion panel for people to talk about how the religions they follow impact their views on anime.
If I did this, I'd start if off by telling how being Christian affects the perspectives on some of the content I see that's unique to being Christian. I'd also want to look for one or two other people who follow a certain religion to volunteer to share how their religions have had an impact on their experiences watching anime. We could each talk about that along with some general info on our religions and then take questions from the audience.

The other idea I had would be a Yo Mama duel panel featuring cosplayers doing Yo Mama battles in-character.
Before I go any farther, I want to explain that the subject matter is very PG-13 and is not for the easily offended and/or people who are in a sensitive relationship with a family member.

Yo Mama (a.k.a. the Game of Dozens) is where where two people duel each other exchanging comedic insults until someone gives up.
Only with this panel, the competitors would be cosplayers doing them in-character. And the insults don't always have to be directed to the opponents mothers. It could be towards them or any siblings, relatives or friends they have.

Here's one idea for a scenario: If the two contestants were cosplaying Vash The Stampede and Tamaki Suoh, Tamaki could throw some insults at how Tall Vash is (such as "You're so tall, you could trip in Michigan and hit your head in Florida," and Vash could say something to Tamaki (who takes his looks very seriously), like "You're so ugly, people put pictures of you in your car windows to keep their radios from getting stolen"). Or the two cosplayers could come up with ones they think their characters would use.