Author Topic: Hetalia Nyotalia 18+ Ask-a-Nation Panel (DENIED)  (Read 1947 times)

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Hetalia Nyotalia 18+ Ask-a-Nation Panel (DENIED)
« on: April 17, 2015, 12:00:46 pm »

What happens when your favorite nations wake up the day of an important meeting as the opposite gender? Who will loose their cool faster than Japan in Italy's car? Join our confused nations as they fumble through this new world.

For this panel we'll have the genderbent versions of Germany, Norway, America, Russia, Prussia, Lithuania, and Hungary.
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Kumoricon 2016: (Days are undecided so far)

Halloween 2010 Prussia (In progress- prop and cosplay started)
Halloween 2011 slave Prussia (In progress- cosplay finished and props started)
Cardverse Prussia (Well.. I have the pattern. -shrugs-)