Author Topic: DDR and DanceManiaX 2015 feat. Song Requests  (Read 1268 times)

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DDR and DanceManiaX 2015 feat. Song Requests
« on: February 03, 2015, 05:25:44 pm »
This year I'm planning to bring an upgraded dance game experience:

- A pair of DDR arcade pads in excellent condition, modded and counter-sunk for top tier play.
With these we will be running all official DDR and ITG content alongside a premium selection of anime customs.

- My custom DanceManiaX controller with upgraded sensitivity (hopefully).
On this setup we'll have all the official content you know and love, all the content built for the last two years' kcons, customs published by Dance Maniax Update, and some BRAND NEW CONTENT! Yeah!

Song Requests~
So far the following custom content is planned:

- Anime Boston 2010 song pack
- Animusic Season 1 & 2 song pack

- ClariS - Connect (from Madoka Magica)
- TeddyLoid - Fly Away (from Panty and Stocking)
- Black Man - Ievan Polkka (Vocal Mix)
- fripside - only my railgun (from A Certain Scientific Railgun)
- Iwasaki Taku - Rap is the Soul of a Man! (from Gurren Lagann)

This year I intend to focus on anime-specific content for DMX and will be taking suggestions!
Just leave a reply on this topic with whatever songs you think should be available and I'll do my best to put together a great pack for this year.
As I did for previous years I'm aiming to chart around 20 songs, so minus the ones above there are 15 left.
(as a disclaimer I get final say on what ends up as final on the song list, but I really do want to cater to you, the players)

I'll keep this post updated as things become finalized.