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Anime Subjects We Disagree On
« on: February 03, 2015, 05:23:18 pm »
Who would be interested in a panel for fans to discuss different anime and video game topics they hate that others like along with ones they like that others hate?
The idea was inspired by videos Doug Walker made talking about movies he hated that others liked and vice versa.
I've done it before at a couple of other cons and it's pretty interesting and cool to hear what all insight people have that's different from popular perspectives.

A couple of new panel ideas I submitted for this year (in addition to Anime Christmas and Anime Debate) are a game I call I Like Every Otaku Except... and The Anime King Game.

The former is a game where people sit in a circle and someone says they like every otaku except for those who like a certain thing (i.e. Those who like Soul Eater or are cosplaying in a wig) and anyone who fits the description will have to get up to move to another chair while one chair gets removed from the circle. The player who can't find an occupied seat is out.  He/she will then get to tell what they like and the game continues. The circle will get smaller and the last one standing will get a prize.

In The Anime King Game, players will draw numbers out of a hat while one player will draw a crown. Whoever draws the crown is the king and will tell one number what they have to do to another, which they'll do in-character depending on who they're cosplaying. For example: Number two has to confess their love to number seven. If the player who drew number two is cosplaying as Maka Albarn and whoever has number seven is dressed as Vegeta, the Maka will have to in-character confess their love to Vegeta and the Vegeta cosplayer will respond in-character as well.
Then the game continues with people drawing numbers again.
Here's a demonstration of how The King Game is played:

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Re: Anime Subjects We Disagree On
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2015, 10:13:08 pm »
The "anime we disagree on" panel sounds interesting, but it sounds like the kind of panel that would need to be moderated so that things don't get out of hand. After all, it only takes one "because" to set someone off (in certain cases). Also, it could use a catchier name (though I imagine you've thought of that already).

If I could offer a suggestion, change the "otaku" from your "I like" game to "nerd." Given the negative connotation that otaku has, it'd be a good idea to try to bring it back around to a term that no longer has as much of a negative connotation. You'll also want to watch out for people intentionally singling out other cosplayers (within reason).

For the King game, you'll need to figure out both how many people participate in each round and how many numbers can be ordered to do things. For example, will you only have 7 people play at a time, cycling out each group after they've finished playing, or will you plan on having upwards of 50 people (assuming there are that many participants) per round? And will it be one or two numbers that can be ordered, or upwards of 10 (assuming there are that many people)? Finally, you'll want to make sure the orders are within con rules (whether it's an all-ages panel or an 18+ panel, rules are rules) and determine whether the king can participate in the orders. (For example, can the king order #5 to give the king a back massage, or would they only be allowed to order #5 to give a back massage to one of the other numbers?)

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Re: Anime Subjects We Disagree On
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2015, 03:51:07 pm »
This could be a fun panel, but only if people understand that things stated are opinions and that they should be respected instead of hated.  I can honestly say that whenever I state that I dislike Pokemon, I receive a lot of hate for it, as if though I said that Pokemon fans should receive a slow, painful execution.

That first game sounds almost like you're wanting to have people get offended, so I would recommend avoiding it altogether.  As for the second one, I think it could use some work, such as including non-cosplayers, and come up with a "rule" should someone refuse to follow the King's orders.  Perhaps that can be a fun "punishment" option.
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