Author Topic: dang, quiet around here! So any traditions, recipes, stuff to share?  (Read 2936 times)

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May seem odd, but (due to working at a group home 3 thanksgiving s in a row)  we do fun appetizers  on thanksgiving day,  and on Saturday we do the big dinner potluck style (I do the turkey, potatoes n gravy (i make awesome gravy) pumpkin pie) 
I <3 me some turkey, I put butter with garlic n herbs under the skin,  and chucks of Lemon , garlic and apple in the cavity that helps keep the turkey juicy.  (Sorry any vegans) and I like willy Wonka and the chocolate factory playing while cooking. (It always seemed to be on TV when i was little around Thanksgiving).
And playing tons of board games.  My 2 wee ones are a bit too small to really play but we have a bunch of games for when they are ready.
My brothers n I have 2 specific to us must haves,  cream cheese and celery sticks and chips n dip made with ranch mix cream cheese and emo- a hard to find,  fake sour cream that's thicker and give s it a better texture. 
Happy thank you days!
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Re: dang, quiet around here! So any traditions, recipes, stuff to share?
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2014, 07:44:01 am »
Jaz, you just made me so hungry, lol.

I don't have any recipes to share, but I'm with you on the board games. That has always been one of my family's unspoken traditions. We never plan to play games, but when Thanksgiving comes around we always used to end up playing Scene It and Scrabble and other fun stuff I'm forgetting. Board games are just so familial. It's something that you can't do distractedly. It brings family together in good ways. That and food, of course.

We also used to have Lord of the Rings marathons on Thanksgiving day. Since we didn't go anyway, we'd just get up, get food going and pop on the best dang epic since Star Wars. And it was gloriously fun and relaxing. Haven't had a chance to do this for a few years, sadly, but visiting Britt (waifu's) family and having dinner in a log cabin is pretty fantastic too.

Now, I want to go make that dip you mentioned  ;D
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Re: dang, quiet around here! So any traditions, recipes, stuff to share?
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2014, 07:17:22 am »
Me and my dad every year during November egg each other on saying who's going to win monopoly this year so we get so excited on thanksgiving to play we just sit down and battle it out on the board for three hours straight until one of us becomes victor this year he's pulled out the no giving up card and I do hope to crush him again for the third year in a row >:)  We also watch a charlie browns thanksgiving!

Also not to mention the food coma We make so me great potato salad!