Author Topic: Cosplay Improv Show... Thoughts?  (Read 1807 times)

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Cosplay Improv Show... Thoughts?
« on: September 16, 2014, 11:31:00 pm »
Hi all, This is Yumi, I was the Shiemi at this year's Cosplay Improv Show, and previously was Lenalee in our last two. I wanted to know how you guys felt about it. Likes, dislikes, things you wish we did, things you wish we hadn't and whether or not you liked the games. :)
Waterdemon would like me to ask you who your favorite of us four was. So that you know, Waterdemon was the Rin, our Shura is known as Evelyn, and our Mephisto is known as Krisa. And I already introduced myself as our Shiemi.
So, yeah. I'll look forward to seeing your thoughts.
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Re: Cosplay Improv Show... Thoughts?
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2014, 06:19:10 pm »
All I can say was, I wish we could have gone this year! D: My sister and I came to the panel in 2012 when it was D.Gray-Man Improv, but we couldn't go in 2013 because it was at the same time as the karaoke contest, and we didn't make it this year either! We're both really hoping we can get to Kumoricon in 2015 so we can see this panel again. There's so much improv opportunity in anime XD
Welp, can't come to Kumoricon for the next four years... See you all in 2019 hopefully ;w;