Author Topic: Akicon 2014 roomies (Don't know where to put this, made 2)  (Read 2860 times)

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Akicon 2014 roomies (Don't know where to put this, made 2)
« on: September 11, 2014, 07:36:51 pm »

Sorry I don't know if this can go here. Just tell me if not..Thanks.
Anyway, I have a room at Akicon and am looking for roomies. Since it's so close to con, I need to look fast, and with them not having their own forums, it's a little hard.
So I have a room at the Doubletree hotel for Akicon 2014 and so far it's just me and my friend. We MIGHT have a 3rd person, but I need to talk more to him.
Room specs:-Stay is from Check In Thursday thu checkout Sunday (Oct 30-Nov2)-Bag check room available for after checkout.-Snacks provided by yours truly (message me if you want anything specific that is cheap in price)-2 beds.-Your total share to stay in the room is $96.
-I'm going to try to bring a microwave. I brought one last year but it broke so I will buy one from goodwill if I have the funds.
-I also will bring a cooler. However, it's ANNOYING because I have to go to the ice machine a lot..But I have energy drinks I bring to cons and I will ahve at least 4 in there at all times, which might take up space so if you can, please try to bring your own cooler if you don't mind. There is NO fridge in these rooms. It costs extra and I don't really wanna pay..

Rules of the room:
-Please be over 18 at least. We are all adults and will not room with kids. Sorry.
-Please no smoking IN the room. No drug users, including pot. It may be legal, but I can't stand it and will not let you stay if you reek of weed. You may drink inside the room if you do drink, but please do not get wasted as heck. You can easily break stuff, hurt someone, or get in a fight, which will result in kicking you out. This includes if you drink outside the room and come back drunk.
-Respect our stuff. Just ask if you wanna touch something. We are kool with it.
-Don't bring strangers to the room without everyones permission. If you ask me, and I know the others don't care, then that's also Ok..
-The big one, be OK with crossplay..I am an avid crossplayer and will not tolerate any bad mouthing about it. Also, talking bad about anyone that is homosexual, trans, or cis, or anything like that, I will not tolerate.
-And last but not least the MOST important: I ask to be paid via paypal at least 1 week before con (the thursday 1 week before con)

That should be it. Any questions feel free to message or post a reply. Also, I will ask that you keep in touch with me either here, email,, or phone by text. I WILL be asking that you give me your number sometime before we get to con. It's a safety thing. You wouldn't wanna come back to something happening only to realize you would have known ahead of time by giving me your number lol.

Breaking of any rules that result in kicking you our of the room, you will not be refunded the cost of the hotel. I can't risk getting in legal trouble for not paying the whole room amount just because you can't follow simple rules.