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Venting Space: Cosplay Woes
« on: August 20, 2014, 02:42:10 am »
Here's a space so we can vent out any issues we have had or are currently having with our cosplays, whether it be wardrobe malfunctions, prop problems, or anything that we can't seem to change.
And if someone thinks they might have a solution or 'lifehack' to somebody's cosplay problem (Ex: how to do quick stitches for big costumes, wig styling), then maybe they can offer it.
Or if it's something you're just frustrated about, and want to relate, vent it out here. No judgement, because we're all awesome people.

I'll go first. So this year, I'm cosplaying as Bee from Bee and Puppycat, and I have very short brown hair (Pixie cut).  Bee, in the original design, has long, poofy hair, which for me, would require a wig. I won't be wearing a wig for these reasons (sorry if I sound a little snobby, it's late, and I'm tired):
- I do not have a wig (duh)
- New wigs are pretty dang expensive online, including shipping, styling, and delivery time sometimes being unreliable.
- I personally do not trust secondhand wigs, or for that matter, any headwear that cannot be easily washed or cleaned after purchase, as when I was in high school, I got head lice (I had super long hair then, imagine how 'fun' that was), and from experience in the theater department, secondhand wigs can often a rhymes-with-witch to clean and get looking new.
-The costume I'm wearing will be sweltering enough, I don't need thick fake hair on my head.
-My hair will need to be easily styled for my Snufkin cosplay if I decide to change cosplays mid-day, which probably won't happen, because I won't have a hotel room to put my crap in, but the point still stands.

These are all reasons, both personal and circumstancial, I'm not going to be wearing a wig for my cosplay. However, I have a parasol that I have modded to fit both the style of Bee's umbrella, and to pay homage to Natasha Allegri's art style, I will wear a hair ribbon, and I have some (frankly very cute) white boots with lace, a red dress I modded, and an apron that I'm currently making. So it'll be (hopefully) reading clear who the character is, with a different little design twist here and there.

While I'm really happy with some of the style choices I made, I feel as though I'd be personally disappointed with other ones. Like, I wish I wasn't so nitpicky over wigs, and that I had more time and money to order one, and that maybe some parts of my costume looked a little more accurate.

But I guess I really shouldn't be so worried or disappointed. I'm really proud of what I've got done so far, and I owe a lot to my mom for teaching me how to sew last year, and for helping me get things organized, measured, and even a hand in a few hand stitched parts (cosplay moms rock!)

So there ends my little vent. It feels good to pent out my frustration with my cosplay.
Anyone else?

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