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Re: Another Tough Guy: David Farragut, USN
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this is a tough club?
dont you mean tea club?
If you were referring to the 'Taxed Enough Already' political movement, which kicked off pretty much in 2009 by a Wall St. trader who got p_'d off that his (and our) taxes were being raised to bail out suckers who couldn't pay their own mortgages ( I think his famous rant is here: )
...well, then, No.
The emotion (or cultural norm) that Tough Guys are rough on 'Mother Nature' pre-dates the Tea Party by decades if not centuries.
A book I used to own was titled "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche" and had a cartoon in it with a guy in a large, square, American sedan like a Caddy or Lincoln - the type that would have had either a 460 or a 502 under the hood - the type of car that leaves a full-size (shall I say, American-sized) carbon footprint. The driver is blasting off into the sunset and the caption read "Damn the environment, full speed ahead."
That line itself was a reference to great American Tough-Guy David Farragut, USN, "Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead."
Now, in comparison to the way, in this day and age, 26 year old "children" can continue on their parents insurance:

[Caption: A supposedly 'adult' male 'child' of the Obama era']
Now go read up on David Farragut who at HALF the age of wuss-boy above, yes, that's THIRTEEN,
was not only in command of a captured enemy warship but successfully suppressed a mutiny among the British
men who had been aboard.
Also, for a more local example easily 100 years or more earlier than the TEA party, anyone can google around for "placer mining" in southern Oregon.
So, no, nothing to do with silly TEA party.
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