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Robbed of geeky stuff, please be on the look out for this stuff
« on: February 28, 2015, 11:25:20 am »
Hi so suckyness happened.  We are in the process of moving and between 11pm on wenesday and 11 am Thursday our old apartment was robbed.  Looks like the knocked the back door.  We did the police thing and we have insurance (but most likely won't be over the deductible). 
It's hard to keep track of what was taken since moving. I know i lost a jewelry box n contents, (luckily not my main one) my old lap top (hard drive had been removed whew)
Chris (hubby) was hit hardest, and  is why I am posting,  he lost a lot of nerdy stuff so if you see someone listing this stuff for sale or at a pawn shop please PM me!
  collectors edit star wars trivial pursuit,
Darth Vader figure holder ( the size like it would hold small cars)
Death note Manga complete set ( in the official cardboard box)
2 initial D die cast cars mint still in box (the kind you assemble)
a working light saber replica blue (this one hurts)
Sticker card signed by Timothy Zahn
when I can I will post pictures.   Thanks for your time.
Oh yeah I am pretty sure they also took a bag of Japanese stuff I had been getting together during the move for the charity auction (Japanese fan necklace,  mother of pearl tissue holder fancy ivory chop sticks in case, (unused) and a gold brocade kyoto wallet never opened in a wooden box)
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