Author Topic: Sunday July 20th at 7pm, the new anime K Missing Kings.  (Read 810 times)

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Sunday July 20th at 7pm, the new anime K Missing Kings.
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Just like it says in the Subject line..... K Missing Kings
Here is a link to the
In a world with a somewhat different history than our own, Yashiro Isana, known to his friends as Shiro, is a regular carefree high school student attending the island academy of Ashinaka High School. That is, until he is attacked one day by the members of HOMRA, a violent group of ruffians with strange powers, who mistake him for the murderer of one of their comrades. In addition to this, a lone youth by the name of Kuroh Yatogami is also convinced of Shiro’s guilt, telling him that he will put an end to his evil ways. Now, Shiro must prove his innocence or forfeit his life to those that are after him. Yet as clues surrounding the murder surface Shiro discovers that he may have some questions about his own role in the incident and his identity.
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