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Greetings awesome con-goers!

Have you been looking for a way to shake up your annual con experience, or do you just love the idea of doing MORE at Kumoricon?  We have many positions available, including in the Publicity department.  If you already love documenting the convention, why not get all the perks of staffing while you do it?
  • See the behind-the-scenes side of Kumoricon
  • Skip the long lines on panels you're shooting (which often coincide with panels you wish to attend)
  • Free (real) food!
  • Staff-exclusive summer BBQ, holiday dinner, and post-con party
  • Make some great friends and memories through late-night editing sessions and staff shenanigans
  • and best of all, FREE admittance to the convention!
The Publicity department is seeking talented photographers and videographers to document the 2014 convention.

  • Photograph or film the convention panels, attendees, guests, and everything in between
  • Produce media immediately following each shoot through editing software such as Adobe Lightroom.  This constitutes a bulk of your responsibilities during the convention, as it is imperative to have a fast turnaround.  Programming uses our photos and video during the convention - which is really awesome! - so we want to get them fixed up and out the door as quickly as possible
  • Photographers are expected to have their own camera equipment suitable for advanced-level photography.  This is up to your discretion and will be determined by your portfolio.  If you only have an iPhone, but you can take killer, professional-looking photographs with it, and it won't limit your ability to photograph all elements of the convention, you will be considered
  • Videographers with their own cameras are preferred, though Kumoricon should have a few cameras available for filming
  • Experience photographing or filming in a variety of situations, particularly in those similar to that of the convention
  • Familiarity with editing software.  Lightroom is preferred for photographers, as at least one workstation with Lightroom installed will be available to photographers.  If you prefer to bring your own laptop for editing, you are welcome to, but it must be capable of easily exporting photos to the central workstation
  • A positive and respectful attitude.  Photography and video can be touchy for some individuals, so you must be sensitive to that
  • Be punctual and reliable.  While we try to accommodate and allow you to shoot panels you already wish to attend, this will not always be the case.  You may have to miss something you'd like to see, and you might be assigned something that doesn't particularly interest you
  • Know how to be creative and have fun!  We tend to have a great mix of characters, and we do wacky things during the convention.. be ready for anything :)
To Apply
  • Please inquire further by emailing with your name, experience, some basic specs on your equipment, and your availability during Kumoricon
  • Photographers must also submit a portfolio showcasing their talent, particularly highlighting their ability to shoot in situations similar to those found at the convention (low light, portraits, costumes, action, etc).  A link to a website, Dropbox/Flickr account, or even a Facebook page dedicated to your photography could suffice.  Send this link to
Submissions will be accepted until all positions are filled.  This is a popular job during convention, so please don't hesitate to apply if you're interested!  Additionally, I will be attending the next monthly staff meeting in Salem on July 13th.  You are welcome to seek me out there.  You can also enjoy the BBQ spoils following this meeting if you sign up as staff :)

=D  Brianna Shade
Kumoricon Multimedia Manager