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Artist Alley 2014 Table partner?
« on: May 01, 2014, 02:13:30 am »
Hey there!  My name is Justine!  I live in the snohomish area in Washington state.I am a autisic gendeId-fluid 17 year old slef-taught artist. Iwas wondering any artists would like to share a table with this year? I am first -timer AA and would like to get some experience! I just made a deviantart a couple weeks back amd starting my portfolio.  I had a another one but felt very self-consious of my art and felt that I need to improve more And did not update that much. So made a new to start fresh with my new skills. I wanted to put my self out there. Since I want be an artist as a career. I would prefer someone who been part of the artist alley. or who has attended before. At least once. Since you guys have more a general idea of what how its going to be. I have been doing AlOT of research, so I have a general idea of whats to be part of the artist allley. We can decide if you want apply or me it is fine either way.   Oh one of my grandparents pr both will be there since I am still a minor.

What I am making and selling: 
I am keeping it. simple since i do not want to get too overwhelmed.
1.) I planing on make art prints of tradtional and digital art.  Mini to poster size. 50% fan-art and 50% original.
2.)  key chains.I found that the graffix inkjet shrink firm method is better for me im my opinion.
3.) bookmarks though need to find a tutorial for that.

If you interested of sharing a table with me or questions:
comment below of this post
or email me at
or. note me on my DA which is
 Thank you!