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Umbrella Security Service (USS) meeting /casting
« on: April 25, 2014, 12:19:54 pm »
"Command has requested Alpha and Delta team cooperation to retrieve a G virus. Time and location are TBD. Prepare your equipment  and  be for anything."
Vector(Cosplayed by mobiletechy)

Hi everyone, can't wait for the convention. I'll be working a few people to set up a photo session during the con. Any resident evil cosplay is welcome.

We are also working on a small video production of operation raccoon city. We have actors casted for vector and a few spec-ops operators. We are currently have open roles for "Four eyes"  and "Bertha". These are speaking roles and those who are picked will be given training.

Four eyes:
We are looking for oriental background female with a Slim body type.

We are looking for a German background female who has an accent and slim body type.

Please message me if your interested in a role. open auditions will be set if we are unable to fill the roles.

Images below is one of our the actors dressed as vector. The other images are of four eyes and bertha for those who wish to be involved but never played the game.
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