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memories of Portland
« on: February 22, 2014, 07:33:32 pm »
I've lived in  the Portland area since 1978. I've seen a lot of changes occurred some good and some not so good. this forum topic is dedicated to those things from long ago we all hold with fondness in our hearts.

I remember a number of things from my time here in portland. i remember going with my brother and his friends to the old church of Elvis. That was a funny pretty good experience. My brother and his friends have always been fans of the late king of rock and roll. And i admit I'm also something of a fan of Elvis, he really did some great music.  And I just found the church of Elvis to be  a boat load of fun.

I remember getting up to watch T.V. in the morning back in the 80's. Among my favorite memories was of course Ramblin Rod. Rod Anders' show was really something special, he had a real knack with kids, and his shows were always fun. I had the pleasure of being on his show one year for my birthday and it was an experience I'll never forget. And to whomever has decided to possibly cosplay Ramblin Rod at Kumoricon this year, let it be known that I offer my stamp of approval.

Another thing i remember is my brother, his friends, and i would sometimes go to the Hostess store near my old middle schoolHarriet tubman for Bargain sales (Misprinted as Bargin sale) and smelling the bread from the factory those were good times and some good times.

So my fellow Kumoricon goers what are some of your fondest memories from Portland?
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