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Buying stuff!
« on: February 13, 2014, 11:22:21 pm »
Ok so im a new comer to the whole kumoricon thing and really to all conventions. Never been to one before. So I thought maybe I could get some insight as to what you can buy at kumoricon and how much money I should bring and also good ways to make enough money for the con. I am very excited to go but I want to be able to buy stuff and all that. My issue is getting the money for it. I am also going to warped tour this year so as you can imagine, im going to need alot of money. Im only 14 so its not like I can get a "real" job like working at a resturaunt or anything. Any ideas you guys have for making money would be really helpful and also as I said before, what kind of things do they sell? And also assuming they have food at the con, what kind of food? Is it just american or do they have real japanese food too??? Any help would be awesome guys!!! Thanks! ;D ;D ;D
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Re: Buying stuff!
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2014, 12:20:43 am »
You can buy a lot of stuff at Kumoricon by going to the Dealer's Hall and Artist Alley. What you typically would find in a dealer's hall would include: Figurines, cosplay (Not all the time), mangas, t-shirts/bags, plushies, and pretty much anything along those lines.
For the Artist Alley, it's pretty self explanatory. You basically buy art from artists in the local area or other places. They typically sell buttons, keychains, posters, art books and so on.

Typically, from my experience, an average congoer normally brings around 100-500$ possibly. Why? Because items in the Dealer's Hall and Artist Alley are quite pricey. And if this is your first time, newcomers have a tendency to want to buy EVERYTHING, mainly from excitement and all. Now, I'm not saying everyone brings that much money because a majority of the congoers also set themselves a budget on how much they spend and on what.

For me, I typically bring 70$. 50$ for con stuff and 20$ for food mostly because I live like 10-15mins away from Kumoricon so I have more access to basic needs. However, if I were to stay in a hotel, chances are, I may spend up to 50$ on food, totaling in 100$ altogether.

My advice is try to buy everything on the last day when they have the whole sale going on to try and get rid of everything, that's when you can try and bargain for an item. However, you have to be quick at times because an item can sell out pretty quickly. This wasn't the case for last year since we had a lot of the same item at almost every table... It may be the same this year, or it may not.

As for making money, if you draw, I suggest taking up commissions or trying out for the Artist Alley and getting a table. However, since this is your first con, I wouldn't suggest doing this until you're use to what happens and how things work. ^^;

If you get allowance, try doing your chores and what not. Babysitting jobs are quite popular as well. When I didn't have a job, I pretty relied on art commissions and daily allowances/birthday money/christmas and just saved at least 60-70% of what I got for kumoricon.

Since Kumoricon is in the same hilton in Vancouver, Wa, there's plenty of areas to eat. One is the Saturday market thats literally right next to it (Selling Chinese food, thai food, slushies, and others). There's also an italian ice cream shop near as well, sushi, subway, starbucks, there's quite an amount of food stores around there ^^
There are food in the Dealer's hall but I suggest buying outside for various reasons, one being that it's pretty expensive. LOL.

Honestly, I suggest packing your own lunch if you want to save money. That's what a lot of people do and you'll see some of them having picnics right outside kumoricon as well. If you have friends going, try and set one up so all eat good and for free~

Sorry I wasn't much help for the money making, I'm only experience with how I do it (Which is not as easy as many others). >.<;

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Re: Buying stuff!
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2014, 12:11:10 pm »
Bring how ever much money you want really..
What do you WANT to buy is the real question..There are way too many things being sold to name them off or something. If you collect figures and statues, then you are going to looking for those, if you like dvds or manga you will be looking for those, REally though, as yourself "what does a typical anime store sell" or "what would I sell in an anime store that people would buy" and you basically answer your own question.

If you go online and look up general anime stores, you will see the basic range of costs. ike a fima is gonna be your typical $50-85, dvds a good $20 at MOST maybe $15..Your manga will have pre printed prices that they can't charge over that amount, whic is usually $7.99 or so. Posters depends on size and popularity..I know someone last year that bought a poster for $35 but there were other ones for $20 that weren't popular series'.

As for food, I can't say IN con because it's a hotel, so I'm pretty sure there ISN'T any IN the con, but there are a few places really close..If walking from the hotel to the park, go to the back of the park and there's a subway. At the corner of the con hotel, facing the park, go right a few blocks and keep looking to to the diagonal left in front of you across the street to the left and you will eventually (after like 2 blocks) see a cafe that a lot of cosplayers and con goers go to. They have really awesome food for awesome prices (I didn't eat, the person I was with DID and he liked it, I had a red bull). But if you google earth the hotel address, you can look around and see what else there is in the area. Be aware, after the con starts, subway is going to have a line that goes the length of the store..Almost at all times..Took me 30minutes to get 2 cokes saturday night..

Like bubbletea said, pack your own lunches..This will save you a TON of money..I bought dollar store lunchmeat and walmart baked beans and a few other things to snack on. As well as my own drinks and it helped A LOT..

As for money, what is the law for 14year olds at fast food down there? I know here in washington.. you can do them at some at 14..Good way to earn money..But like said, chores if your parents will pay you for them..Like if your house hold normally doesn't give allowance for chores, then ask to do some for money (like ask to wash the parents cars or vacuum the whole house or clean the whole kitchen..As well as Bubbletea said, babysitting..Most 14year olds that need money do that. If you have a friend with a kid sibling, ask the parent if you can get paid to babysit or post a flyer on a store's community board.