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Make A Wish - Cosplayers needed!
« on: February 14, 2014, 09:34:44 am »
I am working on a Wish Project which will be presented to the child on 3/9/2014, 5pm near downtown Portland. Her wish was for a wardrobe of cosplay (i am finishing up, already made or bought in her size). To make the Wish more special, the Make A Wish coordinator arranged for a fashion show, in which the cosplays we made for the child will be donned by models in full cosplay gear and strutted up and down the runway. There's only going to be a dozen of people from her friends and family and then the rest of the Make A Wish staff and fashion show people. However the location for this event is capable of seating hundreds. The coordinator figures we should pull out all the stops and try and give this event as much of an anime convention atmosphere as possible.
I recommended to the Make A Wish coordinator to get a hold of Kumoricon but unfortunately they have not heard back from them on this so they asked me to reach out to people I knew who would like to help out. I would have brought this up in the February meeting but that got cancelled so here I am on the forums. This is where I need your help, my fellow K-con buddies!
This is what we are looking for:
Cosplayers - like, a lot of them. any fandom, and it doesn't have to be restricted to anime
Skits - like an actual skit, no dancing ones... unless the dancing is actually applicable to the character/series
Karaoke/Filking - only if you are confident
AMV Editors - I need some very simple montage segments for the characters of the cosplays being modeled. You don't need to be as professional as Guy, but if you are at least experienced in making them and have the time to make some in less than a month, it would be pretty awesome.
If you are interested, I need you to contact me at by no later than 2/28/14 if you are just going to cosplay, or by 2/21/14 if you are going to do a skit or sing (this needs more time to arrange the appropriate equipment setup and space). I need to compile a list of who is coming and what you can contribute to doing. This is for the Make A Wish coordinator, so they can make the necessary arrangements for our numbers or performances.
thanks for your time!!