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Manga For Sale
« on: January 18, 2014, 04:33:29 am »
After around 3 years of it being on the shelf, I thought it high time I let the manga go.

As phases come and pass, I decided to let someone else enjoy these books as I once did, giving them the love they deserve that I can no longer supply. And since I'm trying to save up to attend Kumoricon and pay my car insurance as well, while keeping my hoodie painting business afloat, I decided its a perfect time.

I hold multiple series of manga, selling them by the series (4$ each book) or by the book (5$) selling them at approximately half the price, or lower than what I bought them for.

Fruits Basket: 1-6 (24$ altogether or 5$ by the book)

Vampire Knight: 1-6 (24$ or 5$/each)

Mermaid Melody: Pichi pichi pitch: 1-7/ Full series (28$ or 5$ by the book)

Merupuri: Volume 1 (5$)

Fall in love like a comic: Volume 1 (5$)

Warning: They have collected a small amount of dust (kept in a closed cupboard) and I do own several dogs and a cat.

I do want to get at least half the amount of money I spent on these books, all around 8-10$ each. But if you can't do the prices, I can go a dollar lower each book. All the books are in excellent condition, I tried to be sure and take care of them. I think only the Mermaid Melody one's have slight bending on the spines, but thats it. Other ones are like they've never been picked up or seen the light of day!

If you live in Willamette Valley Oregon, I can either drive them to you (In or around McMinnville) or we can meet halfway (You live in Portland, we meet in Sherwood/Newberg, you live in Corvallis, we meet in Salem.)
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